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Sports Enhancement

At the ZurichClinic, our team of performance-enhancement experts will address each client’s individual goals and needs, utilizing top-tier technology to provide accurate, in-depth analyses of the body and mind, as well as highly-effective training and coaching methods in order to create a customized Sports Enhancement program.

The ZurichClinic program offers:


– Initial assessment of posture, mobility, stability through a series of corrective exercises
– Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – measures heart rate and helps calm and reduce hydrocortisone levels through deep breathing
– Body fat composition and Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis
– Standard Fit Test – strength, endurance, flexibility


– Myofascial release/Foam rolling
– Ballistic and static stretching
– Functional resistance training:  core-strengthening exercises using body weight, suspension training, medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, balance boards, Bulgarian bags
– High intensity interval training (HIIT)
– Alexander technique, Pilates, yoga, and T’ai Chi
– Deep breathing and relaxation techniques
– Enhancement seminars
– Nutritional counseling and dietary program
– Detox/cleansing programs
– Grocery shopping
– Ski simulator
– Fitbit training tracking software


The ZurichClinic is developing an unprecedented Golf Enhancement program, where our clients will have the opportunity to focus on dramatically improving their golf game. The Golf Enhancement Program accommodates both recreational and professional golfers who aim to develop their swing, flexibility, fitness, strength, balance and mental focus. Over the course of two to four weeks, clients will have the opportunity to work with our team of health and fitness specialists to address both the physical and mental hurdles that hinder their golf game while sojourning in one of our five-star residences complete with a personal butler and chef, private transport, and a security detail, if requested.

Developed by golf performance experts, the ZurichClinic Golf Enhancement Program utilizes equipment at the forefront of technology to provide clients with accurate, in-depth assessments upon which our team will base their customized intensive training program. Our specialists will simultaneously analyze a client’s swing and muscle tension state-of-the-art technology in order to create the most personalized and effective training program available. These analyses can be done both in a lab setting and on the golf course.

Upon completion of the Golf Enhancement program, clients will see marked improvement in both their skill and confidence on the fairways and greens.