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Enhancement Program

In the ZurichClinic Private Enhancement Program, our team treats addictions and psychological infirmities with absolute discretion using the highest standards of care and expertise.  We are deeply invested in supporting and guiding clients through their personalized Enhancement Program; our ultimate goal is for our clients to complete their personalized program, feeling strengthened and re-energized, having broken patterns that hinder their performance, and having developed a state of mind and body that is more balanced and highly functioning. Our Private clients will not only overcome their obstacles, but they will also lay the foundation for a future of health, happiness, and success.


Upon arriving at the ZurichClinic, clients will be welcomed into the compassionate and dedicated care of our team. We begin by conducting a series of non-invasive functional analyses in order to identify each client’s specific needs.


Using the results of these analyses, our team of specialists will use their exemplary expertise to design a customized Enhancement program, with a delicate touch and attention to providing the most comfortable, effective experience possible.


Our approach is centered on the client, and we remain flexible in order to provide the most personalized care available. As clients progress, the ZurichClinic team will continue to adapt their individualized Enhancement program so that they may successfully reach their goals and overcome the obstacles which were preventing them from realizing their fullest potential.