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You are what you eat.

This phrase is as true as it is famous, and in recent years, the importance of a nutrient-dense diet has gained its rightful place in the healing community as crucial for prevention, and even curing, of chronic diseases and imbalances. The food one eats determines the composition of one’s blood, tissue, and organs; therefore, it is no surprise that improper nutrition can lead to a host of health problems, both physical and mental. For example, a deficiency in certain amino acids or vitamin B12 can lead to an array of neurological problems, including depression, memory loss, hallucinations, and psychosis.

At the ZurichClinic, our team of nutrition experts will guide clients to discover which foods are best for them according to their physiology and lifestyle. The ZurichClinic Team recognizes that each person requires unique nutritional needs. The Team at ZurichClinic will assess each client’s specific needs based on a lifestyle assessment and bloodwork results, and create a diet plan based on any deficiencies or sensitivities of the client to promote functioning at his or her optimal potential. Upon demand, the ZurichClinic can offer personalized water, fortified with a blend of vitamins and minerals customized according to a client’s needs.

The ZurichClinic strives to help clients become more aware of their body’s needs, so that when they leave our care, they will know which foods affect them beneficially:  maximizing energy, eliminating digestive distress, and balancing their moods.


Lifestyle Coaching

While many factors contribute to a healthy lifestyle–a nutrient-dense diet, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career, positive interpersonal relationships, self-care–the key is balance. One is often able to achieve success and consistency in one of these areas, but unable to attain stability in the others; this consequent imbalance can be a source of major stress, and can even cause chronic disease.

The lifestyle management specialists at the ZurichClinic will work with our clients to determine which areas of their life need reinforcement, and will guide and support them as they modify their behaviors in order to establish health-promoting habits and reduce health risks. Our specialists will work closely with each client to create a customized lifestyle management program, so that they can better respond to stress, manage their time more wisely, honor their relationships, and become more proactive in regard to their personal wellness. The ZurichClinic team will guide clients so they can better navigate their life path and find their balance.