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Constant stress, intense pressure to perform, anxiety about potential failure—these are typical issues felt by the high-power businessperson, and are often caused by mismanagement, improper structure, and ineffective working strategies. These concerns can not only contribute to a lack of productivity, focus, and motivation, but can also manifest into serious health conditions, including, but not limited to:

– Cardiovascular disease
– Hypertension
– Nutritional deficiencies
– Unhealthy body weight
– Self-destructive behaviors, including addiction
– Burnout

It is for this reason that the ZurichClinic offers a Business Enhancement Program, so that working professionals are able to learn the best way to run their business, for the sake of both financial gain and personal stability. In the ZurichClinic Business Enhancement program, we address these internal obstacles commonly faced in the workplace, and we strive to guide clients to learn new skills so they may achieve a greater work/life balance, as well as improve their health and better contribute to a more successful and collaborative workplace dynamic.