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Enhancement Program

Like all of the ZurichClinic programs, the Business Enhancement Program is holistic in nature, and aims to address each and every element that could be negatively impacting our clients’ professional life.  The ZurichClinic Business Enhancement Program is designed by business consultant Matthew Caine, who employs his unique principles to help business professionals gain a greater sense of autonomy, reignite their motivation, and feel satisfied and fulfilled in both their professional and private life. Additionally, Mr. Caine focuses on introducing clients to some of the most modern thinking, research, and practices in the business world today, so they may learn more effective management skills, thus allowing for a more productive work atmosphere.

The Business Enhancement Program is comprised of workshops and seminars for 1-24 participants over the course of one day at Schloss Sihlberg in Zurich*, led by Mr. Caine, with a focus on the following concepts:

–  The importance of „why“ in the workplace, i.e. uncovering one’s professional motivation and discovering the driving reason behind why one’s business exists
–  Research models on company culture
–  Modern reward systems
–  How to adapt and change one’s organisation to fit the ever-evolving professional landscape, and to promote prosperity in the business as a whole
–  Management skills for the 21st century leader operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business-world

This program offer is designed to not only dramatically improve management and leadership skills, but also to improve personal well-being, as the ZurichClinic firmly believes that fostering a healthy personal life is essential to having a productive professional life.  With enhanced management skills and improved personal health, our clients will be able to help create the optimal working environment, thus ensuring greater success in their business.

*Possibility to accommodate larger groups/multiple days of seminars and workshops upon request; gourmet catering and accommodation available for participants upon request

**For those who are suffering from Burnout or work-related stress, please refer to our Private Program, or the Individuals program.