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Matthew Caine and the ZurichClinic team believe that by finding fulfilment in one’s professional life, one is more likely to have a healthier and harmonious home life. ┬áTherefore, the ZurichClinic Business Enhancement program focuses on bettering our clients‘ professional life, thereby reducing work-related stress–a major factor for discord in private life–and improving their physical and mental health. Through our program, clients will learn new skills to be integrated into their workplace, and experience the following benefits so that their work environment can function at its highest potential, and their home environment can be one that engenders joy and tranquility.

– Maximized energy, renewed motivation, and sharper focus
– Rejuvenated personal health and well-being
– Better work/life balance
– Improved stress management
– Increased efficiency, effectiveness, & organization
– Enhanced crisis management skills and consequent reduction of risk
– Improved collaboration and workplace morale
– Strengthened self-confidence, self-respect & self-reliance