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The ZurichClinic Private Enhancement Program is designed to help clients overcome the obstacle which brought them into our care by treating the causes, not just the symptoms.  Our team of specialists will uncover the underlying issues that are manifested as the obstacle with compassion, as well as work to help clients mend aspects of their life which have been negatively impacted by their struggle, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, lifestyle habits and self-care, self-esteem, stress response, and life perspective.

At the completion of the program, clients will find themselves free of their obstacle, able to think and see more clearly what kind of life they want to lead.  They will begin to shape their life anew, now functioning at their highest potential, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Through the Private Enhancement Program, clients will have a clearer mind, improved physical appearance, heightened mind-body awareness, greater sense of calm and emotional balance, maximized energy, strengthened self-reliance and self-respect, better decision-making, and boosted productivity.  In short, clients will begin to experience life at its most enhanced and fulfilled, with renewed confidence, strength, and happiness.